Hopeful Plan, Maybe not so Hopeful Follow Through

So, in the next few days, I’m going to be organizing this place a lot better. I mean, it’s not TERRIBLE, but it’s not near good either. I plan on posting once a week here, maybe less, maybe a lot less. I guess it’s just up to what I’m doing and how inspired I am. It’s kind of a beautiful thing that I only have two classes right now. Lot’s of time on my hands. No drama to write about though, unless you count high anxiety as drama.

Where Was I?

If you want to know why this blog is so inactive, please visit my other blog: bipolarteapot.wordpress.com. I will not be using this blog for anything other than the occasional personal post. I’m not sure if this blog will be active at all, so I might delete it, or make it private. I know not many people look here anyways, and to be honest: I started this blog way too young to maintain it, or make anything of it. If you want to read a blog that will be posting regularly, and about stuff I actually care about please check out bipolarteapot. Thank you !

Zoya Gemma

Love it !

Top Coat It

I LOVE THIS POLISH!!!  I’m so glad that I chose to order this polish when Zoya had their BOGO promotion.  It took a couple weeks for the order to arrive in the mail, so I’d forgotten what I’d ordered.

When I opened my package and pulled Gemma out, I looked at it for a second and though, “Why did I order this one?”  Then I saw the duochrome shimmer.  Oh yeah, that’s why.

Gemma is a light olive green color with a blue/purple shimmer mixed in.  Despite the fact that green, blue and purple are all cool colors, I think the shimmer warms the green up a bit and softens the shock of a green polish.

It applied smoothly and had full coverage in two coats.  There’s nothing not to love about this polish.

Whether you love or hate greens, you should try Gemma.  I love it!  L.O.V.E.

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